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Achieve a competitive advantage and reduced costs ...

................................ by optimizing your supply chain.

At Healex we deliver proven supply chain services that are:-
             Elegant in their Design,
                          Simple to Use,
                                       and that,
                                                    Increase Profitability through
                                                                 Reduced Inventory
                                                                              Enhanced Assurance of Supply and
                                                                                           Improved Flexibility.

Healex, a world leader in supply chain management since 1992 has provided significant value for Global Manufacturing Companies by facilitating greatly improved collaboration with their suppliers through the use of the unique NOCTURNE VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY service.

Manufacturing Companies using the Nocturne Vendor Managed Inventory service have achieved inventory reductions of 30-50%, have realized enhanced assurance of supply and production flexibility, while benefitting from the resulting competitive advantage and reduced cost.

The Nocturne service provides continuous improvements to their supply chain through the use of leading edge cloud based computing systems together with unparalleled customer service.

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